No Sex Please – Busy Writing Complaint Letters

It’s been one of those weeks where I am convinced that customer service has gone to the dogs.  I went to the Toyota dealership to have a burned out bulb replaced on my car.  Let’s understand that I did not go in just for that.  Since I had to bring my vehicle in because of a recall, I thought this was a good opportunity to have them replace the bulb. Paid for the bulb but when I got home that evening I noticed that still only one of my parking lights in front was working.  Well, I’ll be damned.  What did they change?  Went back to the dealership a few days later and explained to them what happened.  I asked the customer service rep which bulb they replaced.  He said the side one.  Well the side one was working fine and the front is still not working.  On the off-chance that my side light was not working as well, I asked him if the technician wouldn’t test all the lights before signing off on the work order.  He said he couldn’t comment on this.  What does that mean? It appeared to be a case of someone not doing their job.  He couldn’t comment on this either.  They replaced the correct burned out bulb without so much as an apology.

Same week, I went to Michael’s to buy some picture frames.  I picked up three frames and when I got  to the cash I asked the cashier if there were any specials or coupons I could take advantage of. I was told there weren’t.  Well, lo and behold, as I’m exiting the store, I see coupons at the entrance for 30% off the entire purchase, today only.  I went back into line to return my purchase and re-buy it with the 30% off coupon.  When I got to the cashier, I had to wait for a supervisor to authorize the return because it was over $50.  After about 5 minutes a supervisor comes to authorize the return.  I looked at her.  This was the person that had cashed me out the first time and who told me there were no coupons or sales.  I told her that she had cashed me out.  Wait for this.  She said, “couldn’t be me.  I haven’t been on cash all day.”  I looked at her face again.  Well, let’s check the receipt I said.  “Oh, it was me”, she said.  The kicker, and her defence now, was that it wasn’t her job to tell customers about specials or coupons.  WTF!

We all know that things happen in threes.  It’s true.  Later the same week, I went to Blinds or Us to order a blind.  I put the order in and left a deposit.  The sales associate asked me to double check the measurements when I got home and call her back.  Once I got home, I did my due diligence and called the store back to tell them that the measurements that I gave them were correct and to go ahead with the order.  After a week, I call the store to see what the hold up is.  It should have been ready in 2-3 days.  I was told the order was still sitting there waiting for me to confirm the measurements.  I blew my stack.  Two things went wrong here.  First, the idiot that took my call did not pass the message on to the lady that wrote up the order and secondly, the lady that took my order did not follow up on this order that was waiting for the customer to call back.

What is going on?  Are workers being too complacent about doing a good job.? Are customers not that important anymore?  Very disappointed with the way of the world.

No Sex Please – Busy writing complaint letters!



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