No Sex Please – Busy Running to the Emergency

Well, my life was settling down to a new routine, but as all routines go, they get a little boring after a few days.  Friday night, my daughter borrowed the car to meet up for dinner with her 2 half-sisters.  As they weren’t able to get together for Christmas, this was their time to catch up with each other.  I am always happy when they get together.  Again, it’s about family and family comes in different packages.  Before leaving the house, I cautioned my daughter to drive carefully and make sure she had her GPS to guide her.  A few hours later, she called to say that they had had a good dinner.  She also told me she got lost getting to the restaurant, but she did make it, although a bit late.  Because it was still early on a Friday night, they decided to go roller blading at a nearby rink.  Roller blading?  I felt uneasy about it since she has never roller bladed before.  I told her not to fall and if she did fall, “don’t hit your head”.  She’s a good girl and always heeds my advice.  She fell, but she didn’t hit her head.  She fractured her right wrist.  My fault.  I should have listed all the body parts that I didn’t want her to hurt.  She got home in tears with the severe pain in her arm.  Off to hospital emergency.  After the mandatory 3 hour wait, Dr. Orkin ordered an x-ray and pain killers.  The x-ray showed an abnormality which he couldn’t figure out.  He put a splint on her arm which looked more like a cast and advised us to come back Monday morning at 6:45 a.m. when the fracture clinic opened to have a specialist look at the x-ray and the arm.  At 2:30 a.m. we headed home.  I should have been happy with my boring routine.

No Sex Please – Busy in the Emergency Department!


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