No Sex Please – Busy Reading the Obituaries

Some people read the sports pages first thing in the morning.  Some people read the financial news.  I go straight to the obits.  No, I don’t think it’s morbid at all.  How will I know if someone I know has passed away.  I’ve travelled many roads throughout my life and I’ve met a lot of people so I want to know if they have departed this world.  Needless to say, whenever I find an obit of someone I know, I go into total shock and then I spread the word to those that I think might have known the person and we share our shock and surprise.

A few years back, I saw the obituary of the wife of an ex-boyfriend from high school and felt obliged to attend the funeral.  I took time off work and went to the church for the funeral mass.  I made sure I got there early so that I could see the family walk in and see what this ex looked like after all these years.  Morbid curiosity?  Call it what you will.  First, an elderly woman walked in.  I assumed it was the ex’s mother; after all, I hadn’t seen her in years.  Then walks in the husband of the deceased with two teenage girls.  Hmmm…Ooops! Wrong funeral.  Not the ex.  Who the heck were these people?    I stayed till the end of the funeral mass, out of respect of course.

No Sex Please – Busy Attending Strangers’ Funerals!



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