No Sex Please – I’m Busy Living the Life!

Got up this morning and checked that mom’s  catheter bag was properly closed so that we wouldn’t have a ‘pee’ flood all over the house. It doesn’t matter how many times I show her how to close the end, she can’t seem to remember which way is open and which way is closed.  She shows me her pant leg which is wet.  What a surprise!  Before I know it, it’s lunch time and the ‘kiddies’ need to eat –same time every day.  I cook lunch, but 2 separate menus.  It would be too easy for both of them to eat the same thing.  No such luck.  Mom eats gluten-free and dad eats ‘fussy’.  After they finish lunch, dad washes the dishes.  When he’s done, I re-wash the dishes.  Told him once that he should use a sponge and soap when doing dishes, and he told me to mind my own business.  Okay.  Then, it’s nap time.  This is my opportunity to get out of the house and do my thing.  My thing is grocery shopping.  These days I can’t keep enough fruit in the house.  I’m out buying bananas, pears and apples every few days. It’s not as easy as this sounds.  I have to buy them at different ‘ripe’ levels and there’s an art to doing this.  On the positive side, my arms are getting toned carrying those heavy bags.  Living the life!

While at the grocery store, my daughter texted me telling me that she was finishing work at five and to pick her up.  I Leave the house to go pick her up and she texts me telling me that she’s working till six.  No problem.  I have nothing better to do than sit in my car and wait an hour until she finishes.  Of course, she might have called me before five to tell me that she wasn’t finishing at five, but then, that would be acknowledging that I have a life. God forbid mothers should have a life outside of their children and aging parents.

I get home and rush to get dinner on the table for the parents because dinner has to be served between 6:30-7:00 p.m.  One night at 7:10 p.m. my mother said, “So, we don’t eat tonight?” “Fire me”, I thought.

No Sex Please – Too Busy Living the Life!




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