No Sex Please – It’s Bathtime! My Nightmare.

Monday and Thursday mornings are the most stressful times of the week for me.  Bathtime for the parents.  As soon as the Personal Support Worker walks through the door, my dad wants to know what she’s doing here.  I ignore everyone and make myself invisible and hope against hope that today is not the day that he slugs the worker in anger.  The worker bathes mother first.  There is no protest from her.  I think she loves the attention and wants to be taken care of. She should have been born into a household full of servants. She loves to sit back and be catered to.  The queen.

The king is a different matter.  In the beginning, as soon as he saw the worker walk through the door, he would go and lock himself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out until she left.  No amount of banging and pushing the door would make him come out.  Time has softened him, somewhat.  Now, when the worker tells him it’s his turn to go into the bath, he tells her to leave him alone and he will bathe himself tonight before going to bed.  He tells her that’s what he does every night and he is still capable of taking care of his own personal needs. Baloney!  The worker talks to him in a gentle and soft voice trying to persuade him to get himself off the couch and head towards the bathroom.  In the meantime, I’m listening from another part of the house, hoping that I won’t be called on to help with this most stressful moment of the day.  Then, I hear my name called.  Damn!  I use my soft voice, which is very difficult to do, and tell him that he needs to go and wash and let the worker help him.  I tell him he’s lucky that he has someone to help him and he needs to take advantage of this.  He’s not impressed by this and tells me to get away.  He tells us all to get away.  I tell him that he stings and his son is coming over later in the day and he doesn’t want to  be dirty. He says he doesn’t care who comes over, but I see his voice getting weaker and then I start to move away and motion to the worker to help him get off the couch. She starts helping him amid his mumblings about this nonsense.  I keep my ear cocked to be sure he makes it into the bathroom with the worker because once he’s in there he’s a captive bather.  Whew!  Success today!  I dread Thursday.

No Sex Please – It’s Bath time!


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