No Sex Please – I’m Busy Mourning a Sad World!

Charlie Hebdo Paris shooting: 12 dead after gunmen storm newspaper’s HQ

Tail of missing AirAsia plane discovered in Java Sea

I can’t remember a morning where I’ve not been greeted with sad news somewhere around the world and, it seems, as you get older, the world becomes a sadder place.  When I mentioned the Paris shootings to my 18 year-old daughter, she said she had heard (her phone is attached to her ear 24/7). No reaction; no questions; no comments about the tragedy; no thought given to the sorrow of the families left behind. When I think back to when I was her age, I had the same reaction.  If it doesn’t touch me or my family, then it’s something that happens to other people and my life goes on.

A friend/acquaintance from the gym passed away this week and I could not stop thinking about her.  The sad part is that I ran into her at the hospital where my mother was at in November.  We joked that a hospital is not the place you want to run into your friends. I asked what she was doing there and she said that she was waiting to have an ultra-sound because her doctor told her she had ovarian cancer and told her it was “bad”.  She recounted this so matter of factly that I wished her the best of luck and was sure I would see her back at the gym in a few weeks.  She was dead in 2 months. No headlines for Terri.

No Sex Please – Busy Missing Terri.





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