No Sex Please – I Prefer Red Wine

I need to post this before the effects of L’ambiance Red Wine wear off.  Had 2 glasses of red wine and feel light as a feather. Truly.  I needed to lighten up as life was weighing me down.  Went to the gym to try and get those endorphins jumping around.  Felt a bit better but still needed something more.  Had a good dinner of spaghetti with tomato sauce and roasted red peppers. Healthy. Right? A good healthy meal needs a glass of wine to accompany it.  Before heading home after the gym, I stopped off at the LCBO (liquor store) and picked up 5 bottles of wine.  Let’s not jump to conclusions.  Only one was for me.  The other 4 are for my sister whose birthday was yesterday and I still have not given her her gift.  Good things are worth waiting for.  Why did I need to lighten up?  My father was acting his usual ‘demented’ self.  He blew his nose in the kitchen sink and wiped his nose and mouth with the dish towel. Somewhat disgusting.  I told him to use kleenex or paper napkins to clean his nose and mouth, but for God’s sake don’t use the dish towel.  Well, when he’s caught doing something wrong, he puts on his defensive suit, gets angry and insults you and then threatens to throw you out of his house.  I told him, I can get angry too and to stop getting defensive when he’s caught doing something wrong.  I’m not sure it’s all the dementia that’s making him respond this way as he was easy to anger in his younger days as well.

No sex please.  More red wine.  I feel like I’m coming back to reality.  Not ready yet.




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