No Sex Please. We’re English! Aging Parents…

There was a time when the hormones were raging and then life, real life, came along and priorities got moved around. Now, sex is the last thing on my mind.  Frankly, my dear, it’s not even on the radar; and it’s ok.  Really, it’s ok. Real life issues  are on the radar. Family is the number one priority.  First of all, if we are fortunate enough to still have our parents with us, we are, or will be, sooner than we want, parent ‘sitters’.  Dad is 93, but if you ask him, he will tell you he’s 90.  We won’t squabble over a few years.  He has dementia.  Dementia makes him do some pretty stupid and frustrating things.  At 5:00 p.m. he asks for the Christmas lights to be turned on.  At 6:00 p.m. he goes outside in the cold, without a jacket, and unplugs the Christmas lights because he is going to bed.  He doesn’t go to bed till well past midnight.  This is a daily ritual.  I take a deep breath and give myself the small satisfaction of shaking my head in frustration at this daily and annoying routine.  Yeah, really.  No sex.



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